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Talent development and well-being

Desarrollo y bienestar del talento
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Personal and professional development opportunities for collaborators,
framed in the principles of balance of life and integral well-being.

Valorem Report 2018


Valorem achievements

  • The company carried out the skills, leadership styles and organizational environment tests with a total of 35 people evaluated, which represents 70% of the population. The scope of the sample covered the levels: executive (president and vice-presidents), managerial and operational (coordinators and professionals).
  • The Valorem Executive Committee received the consolidated reports of the tests from Korn Ferry/Hay Group, which allowed to evidence development opportunities per level.
  • The people evaluated received the results and feedback of the aforementioned tests from the development consultants.

Valorem’s outstanding initiative

To formulate a succession policy that contributes to the sustainability of the organization, ensuring the required talent


  • The board of directors approved the succession policy for the group and the plan for its implementation within the companies. The policy establishes the corporate guidelines that regulate the management of the succession process in all of Valorem Group.
  • The objectives of the succession policy are:
    • To ensure the talent required by Valorem Group in the future to reach its business objectives facilitating the identification, selection and development of the potential candidates to occupy the critical positions in the organization in the medium and long-term.
    • To identify and select the external talent for critical positions in which the resource with the required level of enlistment is not available internally. However, it will only be hired in the event of being requested.

Valorem challenges 2019 – 2020

  • To implement the succession policy in the companies and design robust development plans for the successors identified in the talent sources.
  • To carry out the career planning process to leverage the succession and development of valuable executives and identified high potentials.
  • To have development plans for all the evaluated people and be able to work on a specific competence and leadership style. Each area leader is responsible for the performance and development of their teams.

Caracol Televisión Report 2018

Caracol Televisión

Caracol Televisión achievements

  • The program “Well-being for employees” was strengthened, which promotes a respectful ambience, recognition and welfare to attract, retain and motivate the best talent.
  • Monthly activities were carried out to minimize the risks and impacts related to the health and safety of employees, which exceeded expectations and allowed progress in the implementation of the “Healthy lifestyles” program.
  • Within the framework of COPASST, Caracol Televisión voluntarily carried out training and activities such as previous exams for those who perform external recordings in order to know if they can attend them with the pertinent recommendations and handing of special provisions, programs to prevent social psychological risk, campaigns to quit 100% tobacco, visits to workstations.

Caracol Televisión’s outstanding initiative

The “Caracol Televisión Culture Week” was held with recreational and training activities, in which the dimensions of the communication media business were explained in depth.


  • The inclusion of topics and activities related to innovation, television, digital, radio and SOY (Personal experiences).
  • The employees participated in photography workshops, conferences, planting gardens, bicycle workshops, among others.

Caracol Televisión challenges 2019 – 2020

  • To implement the knowledge management program.
  • To continue stimulating the development of employees.
  • To identify indicators that make it possible to measure aspects such as motivation, proactive attitude, harmonious and teamwork and sense of loyalty on the part of employees.
  • To advance in the diversity and inclusion strategy.

El Espectador Report 2018


El Espectador achievements

  • Hiring of 27 people.
  • The emotional salary policy was implemented.
  • The performance management evaluation and follow-up was carried out through the Success Factors platform.
  • An intensive training was carried out for talent in topics related to new information technologies.

El Espectador’s outstanding initiative

  • The ‘first job’ program was developed where young Colombians have their first job opportunity in the field of journalism, circulation and back office.

El Espectador challenges 2019 – 2020

  • To design career plans for employees and structure succession plans.

Cine Colombia Report 2018

Cine Colombia

Cine Colombia achievements

  • The implementation of the Safety and Health Management System in the work of the company continued. The management system was audited by an important insurance broker specialized in the field taking into account the Ministry of Labor’s requirement, thus obtaining a rating of 84% compliance.
  • Training actions oriented towards improving the employees’ competences were promoted. 5,732 participants attended the development programs, through which 26,602 training hours were given. Among the programs with greater impact and coverage, the following are highlighted:
    • First phase of the program “Psychosocial risk intervention”, addressed to the various levels of the organization.
    • Training program in “Transformational leadership”, for the employees of the operation nationwide.
    • Training program for Multiplex coordinators. This program was focused on developing feedback skills, formation and team building.
  • Emotional salary benefits were kept, such as the ticket booklet with 20 free hours per year and the benefit of attending a movie with one (1) companion.
  • Performance management follow-up and evaluation was made through the platform Success Factors.

Cine Colombia’s outstanding initiative

The first job program was strengthened, which allows young college students to have their first work experience counting on a flexible work schedule and growth and development opportunities. Through this program, Cine Colombia promotes the inclusion of young talent who have a desire to learn and a very good service attitude, making a significant operational effort.


  • In 2018, 2,218 young people pursuing college studies were hired.

Cine Colombia challenges 2019 – 2020

  • To advance with job profiles and pending development plans.
  • To achieve a decrease in turnover while maintaining an attractive job offer for students.
  • To continue offering an opportunity for inclusion to the formal world of work to young inexperienced students.
  • To form and develop the talent of young people and offer real opportunities of professional and work projection.

Tiendas D1 Report 2018


Tiendas D1 achievements

A survey to measure work environment was conducted, which was answered by 86% of the total active employees. The survey showed that:

  • 95% of employees feel proud to work at Koba.
  • The perception of employees is significantly favorable due to the feeling of satisfaction in the remuneration obtained for the work they perform.
  • The employees are identified with a friendly, collaborative and coalescing ambience, with a satisfaction percentage above 85%.
  • The survey allowed, besides, to identify initiatives for the benefit of employees, such as the creation of the Employees Fund and the development of workshops for high performance teams for second level managers at a national reach.
  • Indicators were developed for variable remuneration.
  • The welfare policy was strengthened granting additional vacation days according to seniority.
  • It applied in its recruitment processes the guidelines of the non-discrimination model for gender, nationality, disability reasons and / or any other condition of a cultural, religious, sexual orientation or racial nature. Likewise, the guidelines for equal pay by position.

Tiendas D1’s outstanding initiative

D1 has a great commitment with the inclusion of disabled people as part of its corporate social responsibility and support of the right to equality.


  • 35 people with cognitive diversity have been employed through the alliance with the Best Buddies Foundation, who have been given accompaniment and induction.
  • Employment at Koba has helped “soul friends” to boost their desire for self-improvement.
  • The access to economic income has generated benefits for them and their families.
  • The inclusion of Best Buddies beneficiaries has promoted organizational commitment in employees and has been positive for teamwork and the spirit of collaboration.

Tiendas D1 challenges 2019 – 2020

  • To reduce occupational accidents, especially serious accidents, through a continuous improvement process.

Refocosta Report 2018


Refocosta achievements

  • The Performance Management and Development Center programs were executed through the Success Factors platform, augmenting the target population each year.
  • The success profiles were designed for the critical positions identified, defining their possible successors, within the framework of the Valorem Group succession project.

Refocosta’s outstanding initiative

  • To promote the recruitment and training for the first job of young people in zones with little job offer.


  • An apprenticeship assignment agreement was established with the National Learning Center SENA
  • 15 young people from SENA were hired from different training programs in the environmental and forestry operations

Refocosta challenges 2019 – 2020

  • To define the strategies and plans necessary to initiate the certification process for labor competences by the National Learning Center SENA for unskilled labor.
  • To define and elaborate the succession plans for critical positions, as well as the development plans for potential successors identified.
  • To diffuse the guidelines for personnel administration and talent management within the companies in which the organization is investing.

Ditransa Report 2018


Ditransa achievements

  • The emotional salary and flexible schedule programs were continued.
  • Four volunteering activities were carried out during the year, benefiting about 150 people including children and senior citizens, with the participation of 67 employees.

Ditransa’s outstanding initiative

  • To carry out the measurement of the culture of Ditransa


  • The firm L&T was hired to measure the organizational culture.
  • The measurement allowed to know the dominance between the types of culture and the level in which they are currently.
  • The Cultural Transformation Plan was built defining the goals of the organization and the new corporate values: agility, coherence, commercial passion, collaborative work and innovation.
  • The team leaders and the commercial force were trained in change management, leadership, teamwork and dissemination of culture.
  • A group of employees was assigned to be “trainers”, who were trained and successfully graduated. This team will be accompanying the implementation of the plan. 

Ditransa challenges 2019 – 2020

  • To implement the Cultural Transformation Plan impacting the metrics that presented the lowest levels and that are related to the achievement of results.

San Francisco Investments Report 2018

San Francisco Investments

San Francisco Investments achievements

  • Monitoring and evaluation of performance management was carried out through the platform ‘Success Factors’, with a 50% participation of the target population.
  • Job descriptions were elaborated for all its employees.
  • The emotional salary program was successfully implemented.

San Francisco Investments’ outstanding initiative

  • To implement the talent management corporate system


  • With the support of Valorem, the Development Center tests were conducted, and the respective development plans were defined for the General Management and the area directors of the organization.

San Francisco Investments challenges 2019 – 2020

  • To include 100% of the target population in the performance measurement platform, Success Factors.
  • To include 100% of the professional population in the Development Center tests.
  • To implement and monitor development plans.