Cine Colombia

Cine Colombia is the largest cinema film exhibition and distribution in Colombia. In addition, it is the only one that has an alternative entertainment division.

Cine Colombia was created in 1927 and, currently, has 1.433 employees. It has 48 multiplex, 340 screens and 64.502 chairs in the country.

It has the only alternative content division in the country, with exhibitions from the MET of NY, the Bolshoi Ballet and the London Theater, among others.

Technology is part of Cine Colombia’s value proposition. For this reason, it has Mega Theaters, 4D Dinamix, ONYX, and IMAX theaters, in the main cities of the country, to engage the viewer in the magic of the seventh art.

As part of its corporate social responsibility program, “Ruta 90”, has crossed the country, taking the cinema experience to more than 500.000 spectators in 949 municipalities of Colombia. In the same way, the company has implemented the Cineco Ecológico initiative, which seeks to increase recycle rate of theater’s waste.

Cine Colombia financial information

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(**) (*) It does not take into account Income corresponding to the distribution of films for $12,877 million, which is also a cost (pass-through) for the company. (**) EBITDA adjusted with respect to the IFRS 16 standard (management of long-term leases as financial leasing). It should be noted that only the EBITDA indicator was homologated, so that other items such as net profit and assets are not strictly comparable due to the application in 2019 of the IFRS 16 standard.