Gases del Caribe

Gases del Caribe distributes and commercializes natural gas as a clean energy source, improving the quality of life of the community through its excellent service.

Gases del Caribe was created in 1967 and, currently, has 420 direct employees and generates more than 1.800 formal indirect jobs.

Its main headquarters are in Barranquilla and it has coverage in the Colombian Atlantic Coast in the departments of Atlántico, Magdalena, Cesar, and Bolívar.

The company has implemented the use of natural gas as vehicular fuel with more than 20,000 users in the cities and municipalities where it operates, including mass transportation and heavy-load transportation.

The Brilla program of Gases del Caribe provides financing alternatives for construction materials, household electrical and gas appliances, furniture, computers, cell phones, college enrollment, school supplies, motorcycles, and many other products and services that improve the quality of life of consumers of socio-economic levels 1,2 and 3.

In 2022, the company had 1.160.000 users in 270 towns in the Caribbean region, reaching a network coverage of 96%. These figures were achieved thanks to the connection of 51.000 new users, mostly in strata 1 and 2.

Gases del Caribe financial information

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