Ditransa is a transport company, catering to serve cargo generating companies, recognized for its innovation in the management of the logistics chain, with offices in 15 Colombian cities.

Ditransa is in the market since 1994 and, currently, has 265 employees.

Its business units encompass national cargo, imports, exports, and international services. In 2021, it launched Home D, the last-mile business unit.

It also provides complementary services such as loading and unloading, vehicle escorting, border control documentation, and customs support services, among others.

Ditransa continues to renew its fleet of alternative fuel vehicles (Natural Gas vehicles), to contribute to the mitigation of environmental impact.

In 2022, the company continued to implement best practices, obtaining the ISO 45001 certification, which aligns the Occupational Health and Safety System with the Strategic Road Safety Plan.

Ditransa financial information

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Operating Income

Operating Income - Ditransa


EBITDA - Ditransa

Net Profit

Net Profit - Ditransa


Net Profit - Ditransa
* Proforma EBITDA taking operating income and expenses.
It should be noted that only the EBITDA indicator was homologated, so that other items such as net profit and assets are not strictly comparable due to the application in 2019 of the IFRS 16 standard.