D1 S.A.S was the first company to implement the model of hard discount stores in Colombia.

D1 was the first hard discount retailer in Colombia and maintains the leadership in the hard discount model. It has 19.985 employees, promoting gender equality and the inclusion of people with cognitive diversity with more than 28 soul friends (best buddies).

Tiendas D1 has 2.209 stores in 31 departments and more than 486 municipalities, covering 74% of the country. Thus, it had a FMCG basket share of 15.4% in Colombia at the end of 2021, according to Kantar Worldpanel data.

D1 offers high-quality products at very low prices, with a limited assortment of approximately 850 SKUs and more than 70% of private labeled products.

D1 is committed to the environment. Therefore, it has implemented energy efficiency strategies, reducing 9% of energy consumption per store compared to 2021.

D1 financial information

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